The Missing Manhole

A business in Paris, KY had been missing a manhole since 1994.  Other companies had tried tractor CCTV cameras from down stream manholes to find it, but were unable to get to the missing manhole due to debris in the line. Another company tried ground penetrating radar (GPR), but did not find it because they were scanning in the wrong area.

Our technician decided to float a locating sonde down the line using a homemade contraption tied to a rope. As he located the sonde along the line as it floated down the sewer, he noticed a change of direction. At that point, he used a high powered metal detector to scan the area and found the missing manhole which was under approximately 2′ of fill.

The customer was very pleased because they had very limited access of the sewer until this manhole was found. It was the “out of the box” thinking of our technician that allowed this locate to happen.
Paris KYthe missing manhole the missing manhole