Air Vacuum Excavation

Utility vacuum excavation truck at work

Utility Vacuum Excavation: The Safety Benefits!

April is Safe Digging Month and at The Underground Detective, safety is our number one concern! When it comes to digging, things can get pretty messy if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s too many unknown factors under the Read more >

Air Vacuum Excavation

So…what IS Air Vacuum Excavation?

Sometimes as Underground Detection professionals, we get lost in what is (to us at least) everyday jargon. Too often, we don’t stop to realize our clients might not know exactly what a certain service is or does. Utility Vacuum Excavation Read more >

Vacuum Excavation in progress

Why Is Vacuum Excavation So Important?

So you have had the one call locators out, followed by your private utility locator.  Now what? Often, a surveyor or utility mapper is your next step, taking all of those surface markings and putting them onto a map or Read more >