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Cincinnati is our hometown, and we’re proud to offer ground-penetrating radar and utility location services to the entire Tri-State area.

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Underground Detective Cincinnati Team


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Cincinnati, OH 45251

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Testimonials from our Cincinnati Clients

“The Underground Detective is more than just a locator service, they are problem solvers that work with you to diagnose the situation and help you arrive at solutions. They make you look good.!”  The Geiler Company – Rick Scardina – Manager

“When The Underground Detective marks the path and depth of a pipe, you can dig with confidence and know it will be there. No more wasted time with trial and error methods.”  Feichtner Brothers Plumbing – Rock Feichtner – Owner

“With high tech equipment and years of experience, The Underground Detective can locate and mark the underground lines in the time it usually takes to unroll the blueprints and figure out which end is up.”  Turner Construction – Ben Young – Project Manager

“I had given up hope after we had the septic tank pumped. My father told me that the engagement ring was lost……I decided to try The Underground Detective. They were so kind to me on the phone, and they FOUND my engagement ring. I will always remember your kindness to me and my fiance. You gave us a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you so much.” Homeowner – Lisa

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Ohio811 – Call Before You Dig

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