Utility vacuum excavation truck at work

Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the latest land excavation technology. It uses kinetic energy in a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand, and break up soil for underground utility excavation. When compared to water or shovel, air accomplishes difficult excavating tasks with greater speed and efficiency, increasing production while reducing cost. These benefits, in combination with added safety for both the operator and utilities, make air vacuum the choice for The Underground Detective’s excavation needs. Vacuum excavation services are used for the following services:Vacuum Excavation

  • Underground Utility Verification
  • Remote (Inside Buildings) Excavation
  • Valve Box and Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Utility Line Service Terminations
  • Clearing Environmental Boring Holes
  • Precise Vertical, Horizontal, Size and Type of Utility for Pre-Job Surveying


The vacuum excavation system used by The Underground Detective has numerous features that make it the most effective method of excavation.

  • 220 PSI/300 CFM air compressor combined with the Air-Tec™ nozzle makes this unit able to penetrate the hardest soils in record time
  • 100 PSI air jackhammer and air tamper allow for immediate backfilling
  • 3000 PSI water backup (Air used 95% of the time) will dig a 12″ x 12″ x 5′ hole in approximately 10 minutes
  • 3000 PSI water backup for wet clay (Air used 80% of the time) that will dig a 12″ x 12″ x 5′ hole in approximately 10 minutes

Benefits of Air vs. Water Excavation

Air excavation offers diverse and valuable benefits that cannot be attained through the use of water excavation. The following qualities allow The Underground Detective to provide you with cost-effective, efficient excavation work regardless of the service requested:

  • Air digs faster in most soils
  • Air spoils remain dry, eliminating mud disposal problems
  • Air won’t damage utilities or road bases
  • Air allows faster cleanup and is environmentally safe

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