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An Underground Detective truck in front of the Cincinnati Latitude Observatory.

An Underground Search Points to the Stars

The work of The Underground Detective may always have room for some surprises, but it’s rare that an assignment seeking out an old foundation can involve a search of the nighttime skies. On a day-to-day basis, the norm for our Read more >

When to Call a Geotechnical Engineer

What does a Geotechnical Engineer do?

We were recently called onsite to scan and clear soil boring locations before they drilled them for the Antea Group in Wheatley Heights, NY.

When to Call a Geotechnical Engineer

A Geotechnical Engineer works with the engineering behavior of earth Read more >

The Underground Detective - From Plumbing to Locating

From Time Capsules to Cemeteries

Below is an excerpt taken from Cleaner Magazine’sLocating Firm Finds Opportunities for Growth” that talks about the different underground locating jobs we’ve done.

From Time Capsules to Cemeteries

From Time Capsules to Cemeteries at Underground Detective

While utility locating may be The Underground Detective’s Read more >

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How Does Snowfall Affect Utility Locating?

Winter is in full throttle and is sure to bring us more heavy snowfall, which means more school closings, traffic delays, and potential tardiness when it comes to your daily routine.

Marking Utilities During Snowfall

When those days come, The Read more >

Safety First at the Underground Detective

Safety First at the Underground Detective!

The Underground Detective’s number one priority on each and every job is safety; the safety of employees, underground unknowns, and the safety of our customers. We take pride in the work we do and spend an extensive amount of time Read more >

On the job safety is our priority

A List of Excavation Do’s and Don’ts

Have a project or job that requires excavation? When it comes to excavation safety, you can never be too cautious! The Underground Detective has given you safety tips previously, but we’re back for another installment, this time with a list Read more >

Finishing the dig by hand

Ready to Dig? Read This First!

You have planned your project, made the necessary calls to 811,
and now you’re ready to dig…What are the next steps?

What to remember when you’re ready to dig:

When making excavations using traditional or trenchless
technologies (type of Read more >

Investigating a Sink Hole in Cincinnati, Ohio

Investigating a Sink Hole in Cincinnati, Ohio

We were called by a customer in Cincinnati, OH that has a sink hole in their parking lot and wanted us to investigate. We talked through our process and we were hired to inspect the storm piping to make sure Read more >

Service Van

Scanning Drilling Locations for an Industrial Facility in Washington, WV

We recently got a call to aid in scanning drilling locations for an industrial facility in Washington, West Virginia.

Scanning Drilling Locations

An electrical contractor is running new conduits up and down the bridge piers and along the bottom of Read more >

Piping and Valves

Locating a Geothermal Heating System

What is a geothermal heating system?

During the heating cycle, a geothermal heat pump uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground. As the system pulls heat from the loop it distributes it through a conventional duct system Read more >