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utility line markings

Underground Utility Locating at Chemical Plant in Middletown, Ohio

The Underground Detective was recently called out to do a job at a chemical plant in Middletown, OH. We were called out to locate underground utilities so they could re-work the turnstile area at the plant. Being a chemical plant Read more >

A man performing concrete scanning services at the top of a water tower in Cincinnati Dayton Road in Monroe, Ohio.

Concrete Scanning at the Top of a Water Tower

Typical concrete scanning services involve on-the-ground scanning of concrete structures such as floors, walls, concrete slabs, and bridge deck, or the roadway/pedestrian walkway, surface of a bridge. But, just like we often do, we got a call that was requesting Read more >

The Divine Lorraine Hotel

The Divine Lorraine Hotel in Philadelphia

The Divine Lorraine HotelWe recently got called in to assist on renovation of the Divine Lorraine Hotel at 699 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA. This was the Underground Detective’s first job of the day and as the driller is drilling his first Read more >


Underground Cincinnati

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being a part of American Legacy Tour’s first evening Queen City Underground Tour, in which, I purchased the last two tickets of. What I thought was going to be quick tour of Read more >

What does GPR data look like

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a technology that unobtrusively penetrates through the earth’s surface to properly define and identify underground unknowns and is used on several jobs that require special care. We know many of our customers don’t understand exactly Read more >

Utility vacuum excavation truck at work

Utility Vacuum Excavation: The Safety Benefits!

April is Safe Digging Month and at The Underground Detective, safety is our number one concern! When it comes to digging, things can get pretty messy if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s too many unknown factors under the Read more >

Utility Line Mapping Services

We’d Like to Introduce SUE

In an excavation project, it is important to know what is beneath you before you begin digging. Luckily, the SUE survey process exists to obtain underground utility information.

How do you locate, measure, and map out what you cannot see

Read more >
On the job safety is our priority

The Dangers of Hitting Underground Utilities

Safety is our number one goal at The Underground Detective and as construction and home improvement season begins to hit its peak, we’d like to discuss the dangers of not following the proper procedures when it comes to underground utilities. Read more >

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR: How It’s Done and What You Need to Know

About Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar, also known as GPR, is a means of generating a profile of subsurface structures non-destructively. What GPR does is produces and image of any underground features which are used to identify the Read more >

Air Vacuum Excavation

So…what IS Air Vacuum Excavation?

Sometimes as Underground Detection professionals, we get lost in what is (to us at least) everyday jargon. Too often, we don’t stop to realize our clients might not know exactly what a certain service is or does. Utility Vacuum Excavation Read more >